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Nick Szabo about how bitcoin works. legendary bitcoin evangelist and coder
Bitcoin Legend 

Nick Szabo

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer. (RT/Fav/Follow does not imply endorsement). Blog: 

bitcoiner robert breedlove on twitter - how bitcoin works
CEO Parallax Digital

Robert Breedlove

Founder & CEO @ Parallax Digital; an event-driven hedge fund and digital securities consultancy. Free market maximalist. ⚫️Bitcoin = Hard Money.

Vijay Boyapati Bullish Bitcoiner explains how bitcoin works
Bullish Bitcoiner

Vijay Boyapati

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

saifedean ammous how bitcoin works in the bitcoin standard
Bitcoin economist

Saifedean Ammous

Bitcoin economist & carnivore grill-master. Author of The Bitcoin Standard, out from Wiley.
Bitcoin research & online courses on 

pomp on how bitcoin works short the banker
Bitcoin Warrior

A. Pompliono (Pomp)

Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital. I write a daily letter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors: 

murad mahmudov on how bitcoin works and becomes global money
Cryptocurrency Analyst

Murad Mahmudov

Cryptocurrency Analyst. CIO . Mostly fundamentals, occasional charts. Bitcoin, not Blockchain. Monetary Econ. Prev

stephan livera bitcoin maximalist explains how bitcoin works
The Newcomer

Stephan Livera

Bitcoin Podcaster. Give yourself a financial edge, and learn more about Bitcoin’s economics & technology. Brilliant mind. Subscribe to his podcast.

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