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Bitcoin Works!

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Basics of Bitcoin
How to buy?
Get a wallet
Store safely

Intermediate Topics

Bitcoin versus Altcoins
How to invest?
Trading Bitcoin

Advanced Topics

Store of Value
Monetary System

What is Bitcoin?

What is a Blockchain? What are Cryptocurrencies? Why is Bitcoin special? Why is Bitcoin superior?

Get a Wallet

What is a Bitcoin wallet? Manage your wallet. A wallet is not a bank account.

Buy Bitcoin

How to buy your first Bitcoin? Bank transfer? Credit card? Where to buy?

Who controls Bitcoin?

How Bitcoin works: Can governments, companies, wealthy individuals control or stop Bitcoin?

Different Bitcoins? Why?

Beware of Altcoins. There are different coins named Bitcoin. The original is Bitcoin BTC.

Risks of investing in BTC

Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment. How to manage? What are the risks?

Bitcoin versus Altcoins

What are Altcoins? What are Shitcoins? Why is Bitcoin superior?

Bitcoin used by criminals

The myth: Bitcoin is used by criminals and for illegal activities.

Why Bitcoin Matters?

Why Bitcoin has value and why it really matters. How to become a Bitcoiner?

Bitcoin Monetary Policy

How Bitcoin works: Bitcoin scarcity and supply. Why is Bitcoin special compared to Altcoins?

Bitcoin Store of Value

What makes Bitcoin a good store of value? Better than Gold? Or Money? Or Real Estate?

Stock to Flow concept

How Bitcoin works: Why the “Stock to Flow” has a huge impact on the Bitcoin valuation

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how to buy bitcoin or how to earn bitcoin for free

a Bitcoiner.

Learn about the Bitcoin community on Twitter. Different people, different views, different approches. United in one target: Hyperbitcoinization.


Bitcoin Conferences and Meet Ups

Whereever you are, whereever you live: There will be a Bitcoin conference or Meet up nearby.


Bitcoin Twitter –  Follow the Scene

Stay up to date. Fantastic people to follow, libertarian ideas, great economic knowledge insights.

Keep your Bitcoin safe

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

How Bitcoin Works recommends to use a cold storage (like a Ledger Nano) for your Bitcoin.

Don’t store bigger amounts on an Exchange.